A portion of all sales are set aside to purchase lifesaving equipment that will be GIVEN to Firefighting and Law Enforcement Heroes.
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      Tactile Turn Pens

      Tactile Turn Logo on American EDC. Best EDC pens available at American EDCTactile Turn Pens, EDC Pens at American EDC

      Tactile Turn makes the best EDC pens out of high-quality machined materials. Designed and manufactured in the great state of Texas! Tactile Turn was started in 2012 when Will Hodges became frustrated of how disconnected we are from the things we buy and how they're made. Will bought an old, WWII-era lathe and made his first 1,000 pens by hand! Since then, Tactile Turn's EDC pens are still hand-machined in Dallas, Texas and Will has a small, but mighty team of machinists manning them around the clock to build great EDA pens. Tactile Pens are backed by a lifetime warranty!
      Make sure to visit: www.TactileTurn.com and connect with them on Instagram.