A portion of all sales are set aside to purchase lifesaving equipment that will be GIVEN to Firefighting and Law Enforcement Heroes.
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      American EDC was founded for two reasons:
      Always be prepared AND giving back to First Responders as a way of showing gratitude for all they do for us

      A portion of all sales at American-EDC.com will be set aside to purchase lifesaving tools and equipment for First Responders. This equipment will be DONATED to Firefighters and Law Enforcement personnel. American EDC is thankful for the men and women that selflessly serve our communities everyday. We know you have options of choosing where to shop from, and we appreciate you joining us in our effort to give back to our HEROES. Your business will help keep Firefighters and Law Enforcement Professionals safer.

      Have a question or want to learn more, please use this form to Contact Us.American-EDC-Foundation-for-Firefighters-Law-Enforcement. American EDC LLC

      American EDC would like to impact in the lives and safety of First Responders by providing premium gear that will hold up in their dangerous work environments! You'd be surprised at some of the equipment they get issued by their fire department, police department, or volunteer agencies. While it might not have been up to those individuals to outfit staff with those low quality items, at the end of the day they serve our communities with a smile and use whatever resources are available.

      The American EDC Foundation will donate high quality long lasting tools and equipment:
      Law Enforcement: Body Armor, (Bulletproof Vests, Active Shooter Kits), Ballistic Shields, Lighting for Riot Shields, and Ballistic Shields.
      FireFighters: Structure Fire Helmet Lights, Firefighter Flashlights, Wildland Fire Helmet Lights, and Active Shooter Kits.

      Please stand by for more details on the American EDC Foundation for Law Enforcement and Firefighters. 

      American EDC

      American EDC Foundation_American Everyday Carry_Firefighter Foundation_Law Enforcement Foundation by American EDC LLC