A portion of all sales are set aside to purchase lifesaving equipment that will be GIVEN to Firefighting and Law Enforcement Heroes.
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      American EDC was created to help you get through your day no matter what life brings your way. Whether you have a short commute to work, are out of town for a long weekend, or enjoying an afternoon adventure with the family... Having the right EDC (Everyday Carry) gear comes in handy and could also be a lifesaver! Some people prefer a few small items that fit in pockets while others need a larger selection of gear that is carried in a pack or is part of their duty gear. We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your favorite EDC gear. Please connect with us on Instagram and tag posts #AmericanEDC to get your photos re-posted.

      We know you have options for purchasing EDC gear and it means a great deal that you trust us with your Everyday Carry items. It seems like pocket knives and flashlights can be found at most gas stations these days. Everyday Carry gear is a passion of mine and i'm committed to the products that have been hand selected for our product offering. Quality is our top priority and you won't find us promoting equipment that we wouldn't personally use on the job or in our daily adventures.

      I founded American EDC for two reasons: 
      Help you always be prepared AND give back to First Responders as a way of showing gratitude for all they do for us!

      A portion of all sales are set aside to purchase lifesaving equipment that will be GIVEN to
      Law Enforcement and Firefighting Heroes. American-EDC-Gear-for-the-individual. Firefighter-Law-Enforcement-foundation-by-American-EDC-LLC

      Have a question or want to learn more, please use this form to Contact Us.

      Stay Safe,
      American EDC
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